New ways to make money online – Bidroop Invites

Exiting news fellow fortune seekers

Last time around I promised to show you alternative income opportunities  to points based sites, a new site called Bidroop could be just that – Maybe!

Maybe? That doesn’t sound very reassuring Morten? Okay, I agree it doesn’t, but Bidroop is a totally new thing on invite only basis and they haven’t told anyone about the total concept yet. But what they are telling us sounds very exiting and they promise it will be free for us to make money – Nice! For now you can join the site if you got a invite code (Got you covered – no worries!) and start building your crowd by inviting people.

To get a invite code – go to , grab a code and join on - afterwards don’t forget to post your invite codes back on

So why “waste” time on something that’s not totally out in the open yet? In my opinion you got nothing to loose, I spend like 1 hour signing up doing invites and build a crowd of 100+ people, so if Bidroop doesn’t manage to do what they promise I only lost 1 hour of my whole life :D On the other hand the site and concept looks and sounds awesome so why not give it a try – could be the next big thing