Refer friends, family or ?

To refer or not to refer? – that is the question. Well, not really.. there simply is NO good reason why you should not invite and refer people you know to come and earn with you on Cashle. If you are enjoying the site and service, maybe your friends and family will to?  And the really great thing is that you can earn money, doing just that.  Up for grabs is a registration bonus and a first offer bonus for each member you refer (different rates depending on country).  On top of that Cashle pays you 15% commission of what your referrals earn. Now get me right, the 15% is not taken from your referrals, it´s simply Cashle paying you for your hard work and loyalty.  Don´t worry if you don´t know thousands of people, there are many ways to refer people from all over the internet . Next post I will talk about referring users via youtube, blogs, homepages and offline methods – so remember to check back regularly.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Cashle and click on “Refer Others” to invite everyone from your social networks and email contacts.

Happy Referring and Earning.