How to refer people from Youtube

Okay, so we are in the game of referring people to Cashle or any other money making site for that matter. So why not use YouTube I ask?  They got all the users you can dream of and video is a powerful media. But how to do a video You might ask?

First of you got to decide on what you want to show people they can get by using Cashle. Could be free paypal money or any of the other rewards Cashle / Points2shop offers. Now collect some nice pictures relating to what the reward you choose and take some screenshots of your Cashle account and earnings.  Now almost every computer has some video editing software like Windows Movie Maker on Windows or iMovie on Mac.  What you need to do is a make slideshow video with your pictures, add some texts to this or narrate with some speech. Tell the viewers about the great earning opportunities on Cashle and how easy it really is. When you are done you export your video and share it on YouTube  It´s important to do a good description for the video with your referral link in it (Your referral link for Cashle is ““). I recommend shortening your link on or similar service.

If any of these steps seems to complicated for you, I recommend doing a simple Google search for the topic you need help with. There´s tons of guides out there on doing slide show / videos and sharing them.

It really isn´t hard once you try, so why not try it Now?