SCAM Alert: Paypal money adder Programs / Hacks

Just want to give you all a heads up! The last few months has seen the rise of so called Paypal hack’s or Paypal money adders. I have had quick look at a few of them and trust me, you will not get any free Paypal money with these hacks/programs! The three different versions I looked at where all scam scheme’s only setup to make money to the person behind the scam or even worse to install malicious software on you computer.

Actually its really one of those “To good to be true” situations – here’s why:

  • If these guys really had found a way to produce money out of the blue on any Paypal account, why would they risk loosing this golden egg by sharing it?
  • You  are forced to fill out surveys or text for overcharged mobile ringtones, just to download the software or get the password for it. If these guys could get all the free money they want why do they need to make money of you?
  • It’s the perfect setup for stealing your info, first you enter your Paypal address into the adder program, next you go to your pp account to check if the money has been added,  you enter your password.. wait a minute if the Paypal adder program is spying on your keystrokes, then you just gave them everything they need to get into your Paypal account!!

Getting free Paypal money to your account  is possible, but it does requires a bit of work and patience on your side.  So please use your common sense and don’t waste any time or even worse loose money and personal info to these scammers.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I will be listing alternative ways to get free pp money, if you’re not up for points sites like Points2shop etc.